Quixant Plc

Technology IPO and Capital Markets programme

Supporting the company’s growth from £30m to £250m market cap

Quixant is a leading provider of innovative, highly engineered technology products principally to the global gaming industry. The Alma team were appointed to manage the communications on the company’s IPO on AIM in May 2013 and have been retained since that time. At the time of the IPO the company had a market cap of £30m and during their time as a PLC they have completed two secondary Placings raising in total £33.4m and made an acquisition for £7.66m. They are now valued by the market as a £250m business.

When the share price reached 200p, Nick Jarmany, Quixant Executive Vice-Chairman wrote:

“I would just like to restate our thanks to the Alma team in helping us on this journey since float and in achieving this milestone in the share price.”

“At first, we didn’t understand the value you can get‎ from Financial PR. I suspect this is common if you haven't been exposed in the past. I certainly felt it was a luxury we probably should do without. Obviously my opinion has changed!”

“Your advice and guidance is most useful and very much appreciated. Working with you is a genuine pleasure!”

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